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JaNaT’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 19 Feb 2008

Location: Phenom Penh/Sinville/AnkgorWat, Cambodia

MapWell we think that "bus"is becoming our middle names..cuz we sure have been on a heck lot of them.

We left Phu Quoc with inentions of catching our ferry the "Super Dong"hahah...sorry anyways and then catching a nice little bus back to Ho Chi Minh so that we could find our way into Cambodia...alas it was not to be. Nat just about punched a guy out because he kept talking to the bus company and everytime he came around there were conviently no tickets...he just wanted us in his stupid mini we obliged..other wise we would have been stuck in Rach Gia (the port city) for another night. So they stuff us giants in the back, and even tho the van is supposed to hold only 15 ppl...they thought that 22 would be a good idea...oh and 2 dogs. So we are on our merry little way to Ho Chi Minh city with our merry little Vietnamese family..

Had a lovely Valentines day supper in HCMC with a few cocktails and stares from others who obviously thought we were a couple. Caught our bus the next a.m. to Phenom Penh, Cambodia and spent the day sweating and walking around. Highlight for Jan, we got to meet up with an Irish friend that she met in South America (Cath and her man friend) and had a nice evening reminiscing about old travelling times.

The next day we took off to Sinhoukville on the coast for a few more beach days, but our side of town was fairly quiet and we didn't get to meet many backpackers...hence entertaining our selves with the super bucket. That night we slept with some rats and mice keeping us up all night in our roof..ahh good times.

Back on the bus to Phenom Penh and straight to Siem Reap which is next to the famous Ankgor Wat. Siem Reap is very cool, last night we had dinner in a 10 sporadicaly tiered restaurant with crocs and dancers..pretty cool stuff.

Today we had our own tuk tuk driver escort us around the temples..took lots of pics and despite the heat had a great day.

Trying to claw our way into Laos as cheaply as possible to spend our last week and some before we head back to good old Bangkok. Love and miss you all.

J an N