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JaNaT’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 02 Mar 2008

Location: Bangkok, Thailand

MapHome sweet home, we are back in Bangkok..its only like our 4th time being back here in the last 2 months.

Well we did claw our way into Laos..claw being the operative word as it was not that easy.

We left Phnom Penh, Cambodia on a stinky mid size bus where Jan's seat did not recline, so she got to sit up like she had a stick in her bum for quite some time. We stayed over in a town in Northern Cambodia called Sheng Trang which layed on the Mekong River..could have been a nice town but it was stinky and dirty and yet we had some of the best food we've eaten in Asia..weird!

Made our way across the Cambodia-Laos border via mini van (by paying $1 in some shack on the side of the road) and got put into another mini van which had some sort of dead animal in a plastic bag staring at us..and not some regular animal it was like a hyena or something...

Then we got transported to the back of a very large flat bed truck with 25 other people and one lady thought it would be appropriate to stick her finger in Jan's lib balm while she was using it...

Finally got to a town called Pakse in southern Laos, where we thought oh okay finally a nice tourist bus..oh no..oh no not at all..this was the local of all local buses..Crammed to the 9s with ppl they had to put stools in the every stop people cramming dead animals on sticks in your face, we even saw an old woman get off the bus and pop a squat in the ditch right in front of us. Not to mention after our dinner stop they picked up 25 live pigs which they threw up on top of the bus, oinkin and squealing right outside our windows..closed it just in time before we got a pigs foot in our face...and then for spice they hucked some goats up there (and i mean literally hucked). Then some Laos dudes gave us a beer that they had already been sucking on, and asked if we had boyfriends cuz we were "so booteeful"..and yes we DO have boyfriends to strangers who ask.

So we made it to Vientiane after a very interesting few days...and oh wait we're not done yet. We get tuk tuked to the main local bus station in the city and yup, you guessed it have to get on another local bus to get to Vang Vieng...but don't worry we had live chickens in a bag to entertain us while we sat basically on top of one the time we got to Vang Vieng we hadn't peed in almost 24 hours (as we were not attempting to piss on the side of the road with everyone watchin).

We got a hostel and the cleaning lady was cleaning the bathroom, she didn't speak english even tho Nat frantically tried to tell her to leave....

And that is why we spent the next 4 days in Vang Vieng tubing down the river, drinking oversized beers and meeting some fun people. They have swings at all the bars and they pull you in, and give you some drinks and then you zip line and swing off into the river. We had both done one swing and were feeling pretty confident. So we decided to go on the big big one..Nat was first with me right behind..bout 30 feet up at least...with "sand on her hand" so she says she took off the platform lost grip of the swing and belly flopped right in front of everyone. Thankfully her head and stomach stopped the fall...I tried to climb back down but got talked back into going up from our new i made it okay..only almost drowning cuz i was laughing so hard at Nat...I checked to see if she was okay first and then we proceeded to cackle for the rest of the week!! Ha ha

Bruised and sore she was a trooper and we had an awesome few days in Vang Vieng. Then we last minute decided to bus to Chiang Mai. Shopped till we dropped for 2 days and sent home a 15kg box of goodies!

Flew into Bangkok last night and just doing some last minute things. Sad to leave Asia, its been quite the experience..lots of laughs, great stories and memories. Off for the next part of our adventure...Europe. We fly into London early Monday morning.

We take gifts in the form of cash :) Europe will drain us completely..lots of love from this end of the world J an N