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JaNaT’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 09 Mar 2008

Location: London and Sheffield, England

MapCheerio...haha we haven't actually met anyone who says that..but we've been having a right smashing time here in grand ol England..ok ok enough of that!!

So we flew into London on Monday and stayed with Jan's friend Sarah Michnik..awesome to catch up and have a nice warm comfortable bed to sleep on...we've been sleeping on wooden boards with a half inch piece of foam on top for the past 2 months...

We got to see all the sites thanks to a classic double dekker bus tour around London...Big Ben gave us a ring, checked out Westminster Abbey and Lizzy gave us a wave from Buckingham Palace. We learned the Tower of London is actually a castle (the bunch of liars) and dined on classic fish and chips with a restaurant full of mice (God we hope it was fish!!)

After chopping off our right arms to pay for a train up North we reached Sheffield where Jan's friend from Australia lives..the one and only Rich. He has been wonderfully hospitiable picking us up from the train station, giving us another comfy bed to crash in and showing us around..not to mention a lovely pasta dish for our first dinner that wasn't a 99 pence sandwich from the corner store (we are really learning to make ever pound count!!)

All is "lovely" and England is wonderfully rich in history and beauty (even if splashed with rain 4 to 5 times a day). Tomorrow we are off to Scotland, via road trip, cuz Rich has offered to drive us there!!

Miss you all, but are loving every day's new adventure..Jan and Nat xo