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JaNaT’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 13 Mar 2008

Location: Edinburgh/Glasgow, Scotland

MapLaddies...we made er to Scotland via possibly the windiest, most curvacious road ever...not to mention skinny and bumpy...but we made it!!

Scotland is well, rainy of we expected..but so what it looks like in the movies. Edinburgh is a beautiful city, made up of the New side and the Old side. The old focuses on the Royal Mile that begins at Edinburgh Castle and ends at the Queens Palace.

Our first night we took Rich and his friend Ben out for a pint and some fish and chippys to thank them for driving us all the way there...

We did a FREE...yes Free walking tour of Edinburgh where our guide really knew her shizzle. We got a crash course in Scottish History, saw where Robbie Burns once resided, also where the man who was the inspiration for Dr. jekyl and Mr. Hyde lived, as well as where Mr. Harry Potter came to life. We also saw the beautiful private school that was Hogwart's inspiration which is also where JK Rowling's kids go to that her name anyways? Nat was a tad too excited for the Harry Potter spots...haha.

We spent an hour or so in the Edinburgh Castle which is much more enjoyable from the outside..of course being touristy they wrecked it by putting museums and such in it, and of course there is some sort or restoration going on up there..kinda takes away the authenticity.

We are now in Glasgow, and leaving tomorrow for Dublin, trading in our kilts for hmm what are the Irish famous for..ah yes a pint of beer. Neither of us have ever had a beer so we'll have to try that one out...;)

With our steady diet of Rice we are well on our way to becoming budgeting have to when you pay £15 a night to sleep and apparently that's cheap here..Brutal

Off for another skip in the rain..J N xoxoxoxo