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JaNaT’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 22 Mar 2008

Location: Dublin/Galway, Ireland

MapPog Mo Thoin pronounced pohg ma hone...and the only irish we learned..means du du duuuuu kiss my ass...haha.
So weve survived Ireland with its whiskey and pints of beers and leprechauns and its national holiday. And seeing as how I am typing on a Belgium computer pad this will be a short entry: Swear its like a drunk dude randomly put letters in rows:::

Jans friends that she met in South America were brilliant let us stay with them and showed us loads of Ireland. Coastal and Inland. St. Patricks day was celebrated the day before cus Irish ppl have to work the day after Paddys::Lets just say we had a 3 pub pub crawl.

Jans bday was spent in Galway;she remembers little

In Belgium for a few days::Hopefully the Mussels from Brussels Jean Claude Van Damme will visit his homelqnd::is he even famous anymore?

Lots of love..Jan and Nat who are still getting along great for those of you wondering x