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JaNaT’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 30 Mar 2008

Location: Berlin, Germany

MapGuten tag..ya spelling not my forte lately. So since our last entry we visited the land of chocolate (Belgium of course)and on the Easter weekend. How fitting. We did a chocolate musuem tour and spent hours walking around the beautiful cities of Brussels and Brugge (Brugge more than Brussels if anyone is going to Belgium one day) It was snowing tho,so it made it cold and wet to walk around.

We said goodbye to Irish Laura on Monday and boarded a train for The Netherlands..("Im in Holland..isnt that Veird??") Gator I hope u like that one. Amsterdam is a beautiful city but so confusing when u first get we ended up walking around forever looking for our hostel with our packs on in the snow. But we found it. did a city tour and tried not to stare at the chicks in windows in the Red light District...apparently they are ppl too...but still weird for us.

After a few days in Amsterdam we headed to Berlin via a night bus. No sleep made us very tired so we crashed in our beds as soon as we checked in to our hostel. Went on a pubcrawl that night and hit up a lot of great clubs.

Today we did a city tour and learned an encyclopedia amount of German history. And we got to see remains of the Berlin Wall, which Ill be honest is the only thing I knew about before coming here (how sad and Im even half German) Nat knows alot more..the little stinker is always rattling off random knowledge..its true kids are sponges (haha..hey she calls me grandma)

So we are off for Prague tomorrow bright and early, a few days there with a stop back in Germany in Munich for some more sausages and beer, and then we will begin our tour of the Eastern countries..hopefully chepaer than what weäve been paying.

All is well in travel land..xo