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JaNaT’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 01 Apr 2008

Location: Munich, Germany

MapHappy April Fools day everyone..yet the joke is on us. Silly girls we missed our 6:15am bus to Prague from Berlin and had to buy a whole other ticket to Munich.

Then to top off what started out as an already incredible day, Jan spilt moustard all over the inside of her Im talking now she is purseless..and crossword bookless..and not impressed. We spent all day on the bus and got to Munich and immediatley booked tickets to Prague..we ll try again I suppose.

Today we did a tour of Munich, learned more about Hitler, saw the most famous Beer Hall in the World etc etc. And we decided to possibly make 2010 Oktoberfest here in Munich a trip for the future.

All is well, Czech next, then Poland and then Greece..yay sun and beaches!!

Hope all is well at home xo