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JaNaT’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 05 Apr 2008

Location: Vienna, Austria

MapHey all, greetings from Vienna, Austria!! Yet another beautiful city on our stop.
After all the Wurst in Germany we headed to Prague in the Czech Republic. It was told to us that Prague is very untouched, but we somewhat disagree. With trams all over the place and nicer stores than we have in Saskatchewan, we feel it is pretty 'touched'.

We did have a lot of fun there tho, meeting some fun people, trying out some Czech beer (which is supposed to be the best in the world, but we prefer Belgium's) checking out a club and walking about town.

After Prague, we randomly decided to hit up Bratislava, Slovakia (it was the cheapest to go there) But as soon as we entered the town we got a 'not a place we want to backpack around in' type a feel so we immiedatly booked a bus to Vienna, Austria.

Vienna is beautiful, rich in museums etc. We are definitley getting our cultural fill. We are off to Poland tomorrow a.m. including a trip to Auschwitz and some salt mines..we'll let u all know how that works.

Half done the trip time flies..J and N xoxoxox