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JaNaT’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 13 Apr 2008

Location: Krakow, Poland

MapHi all, so here's whats been happening the last little while.
After Vienna, we found a cheap ticket to Krakow, Poland which is where part of Schindler's List was filmed (we saw the actual factory that was his as well as used in the movie) a city that Pope John Paul II was very familiar with and the gate way to Auschwitz Concentration Camp.

The latter took a whole day tour, where we walked the grounds and in some of the buildings where anywhere from 1.1 to 1.6 million people died. Those being Jewish people from all over Europe or homosexuals, or gypsies, basically anyone they decided to put there. It was a very sobering and educational experience, and important that we visit there and learn.

The next day we visited the Wieliczka Salt Mines which lie 300 meters below the surface. They were mined for 900 years and miners would carve in the salt, including the world's largest underground chapel which took 2 miner brothers 67 years to complete.

After speaking with some fellow Canadians and deciding that The Ukraine was safe for us to get to, we found a cheap ticket to Lviv, which is the second largest city and apparently becoming a hot spot in Eastern Europe. Well we sure didn't see far the most untouched place we have been in Europe so far. No one speaks English except for a few people who aren't Ukrainian, and we basically just pointed at food that we wanted...really if you think about it, it doesn't get any better.

For 2 days we sat and ate, (yes perogies for every meal). We even had our top trip meal. It was at an undisclosed location close to the town center where only locals go. To get in we had to knock on a big wooden door with no restaurant sign and say that we wern't russian soldiers in Ukrainian, and there were drunk Ukrainians with old Army helmets and guns singing and danceing with an accordian..and the food was unreal. Sorry mom but the best cabbage rolls ever, complimented with the biggest kuba sausage we have ever seen, some borstch and of course perogies...we were stuffed and undoing our pants on the walk home.

We are now in Budapest, Hungary. Nat has copped a cold so I'm trying to be a good friend and let her rest and not drag her everywhere or nag her to eat chicken noodle soup (she hates it, altho I swear its a god send). Tomorrow we are going caving, so lets hope the 20 extra pounds i've gained doesnt get me stuck in a tight situation!!

All is well..missing and loving you all..J and N xo