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JaNaT’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Location: Nice, France

Mapwell it has been awhile but we ve had a whirlwind of countries to see and many things to do and the interent started to cost alot..
So we coughed our way thru Cappadocia which looked like Star Wars and coincidentally some of it was filmed there. Lived in a treehouse and dipped in Cold Med sea water in Olympos before saying goodbye to Turkey and beginning one of many ferry trips to Greece.

We did Rhodes Island which is very medievil, Santorini which was the typical white church blue top wonderful Greek sunset island and Corfu where we toga party our butts off. We of course had time to stop off in Athens to check out that pesky little Acropolis.

Then we scootched off to Italy for daily dishes of Gelato and some of the most important tourist a very short amount of time. Italy was wonderful but it blew a huge boot shaped hole in our wallets. We kicked er into high gear in Rome doing Vatican city, coleseum, Panthenon and the Roman forum in less than a day headed off for Pisa, ran into the leaning tower; checked out David and the Duomo in Florence and got lost in the hundreds of canals in Venice...almost missing our train SOOO not impressed that evening.

Then it was off to Switzerland where we hiked around a bit, and I finally did my bungy jump.I had been talking Nats ear off for ever so I couldnt not do it...but it was an amazing 10 seconds!!

We are now in Nice in the French Riveria, checking out famous ppl at the Cannes Film Festival. Today we rubbed elbows with Woody Allen and Penelope Cruz...woo hoo

all is well but we only have a few months to go..Africa might be in the plans!!

love J and N