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Egypt’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 05 Jan 2008

Location: Home, Canada

MapWell Well. Who would have thought our trip would be upon us so quickly. I am still working on all the items I need to try cram into my back pack. So far it is not going well. I thought I would write a quick note today and give a preview of where we are headed. We leave on Jan 9 from Saskatoon, fly into Minniapolis, then onto Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. There we have a 8 hour layover and then get on a plane headed towards Cairo, Egypt. We then take a short Flight into Hurghada, Egypt where we stay for a week. I am planning to do some scuba while we are there. After the week we head back to Cairo to start our 26 day tour. We start in Cairo and then head North through Jordan, Syria on our way to Istanbul, Turkey. We are camping part of the time and staying in Hostels part of the time. Once we get to Istanbul we then fly back thru Amsterdam. We spend a couple days touring around Amsterdam and then get back on the plane to arrive home on Feb 20. From what I have heard from other people it sounds like it should be an incredible trip. Please stayed tuned for the start of our journey.