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Egypt’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 17 Jan 2008

Location: Hurghada, Egypt

MapWell Our time in Hurghada is just about up. We have spent some time in the sun and did alittle shopping from all the souvineir stands. We had a rough start to the trip with all the long flights and layovers in airports but things are improving. I unfortunatley had some bad food the third day we were here and was laid up for a couple days. Not much fun that is for sure. We stayed in a beautiful resort right on the Red Sea. It was very clean and well kept and the staff were very kind. There are not alot of people here as it is their off season right now. That was nice however for the scuba diving. After I recovered from the food poisoning I proceeded to finish my Open Water Scuba Diving Course. The instructor was from Sweden and made it alot of fun. There were only a few on the boat so there was lots of room. It was like having your own personal diving guide to show all the amazing reefs. The water was about 22 degrees Celsius. For the locals that is cold but for us that is about as warm as the river ever gets so it wasnt to bad. We still wore wet suits so it was quite comfortable. We seen some really nice coral reefs and coral walls plus all kinds of fish. Big and small and all colors. The owner of the dive shop is actually the lady who gave me the drugs so that I would get over the Food poisoning faster. She definitly knew what she was talking about.
Hurghada is a developing tourist resort town. There are lots of new hotels being built. It takes awhile here because alot of the labor is done manually. The main tourists are from Europe and Russia. We were staying at an all inclusive resort so it is very similiar to being in Mexico. On the resort is very nice and clean. Once you leave the resort there are lots of little shops to buy souvineirs as well as everything you can imagine. The streets are busy and not so clean. There is always someone wanted you to go and look at their shop. The Egyptians are very nice people. They are friendly and always want you to have some tea with them. We have taken them up on their offer a few times. I am going to try and post a few pics to see how it works.
We are now off to Cairo for a couple days and then We start our 26 day adventure.