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Egypt’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 20 Jan 2008

Location: Cairo, Egypt

MapWell we made it to Cairo with no problems. We flew into the biggest city in Africa not really understanding how big the city really was. There is 23 million people living in this city. The people and the traffic is crazy. Cars are always honking and people are always walking between cars to cross the street. It is alot like playing frogger the game except the real life version. We have gotten pretty good at but we still try to follow some of the locals when they cross. They are professional at it.
Yesterday we spent the day touring around all the pyramids. It was amazing. We took the tour by camel and seen some tombs and the biggest pyramids around Cairo. It is hard to believe they how they built thses massive structures back before there were cranes and engines. All done by manual labor. They are quite a sight to see. And to see them by camel was pretty cool!!.. However Camels are not the most graceful creatures in the world so we are a little sore today.
Today we spent the day walking through the famous Egyptian Museum. There is an incredible amount of information to take in in a short period of time. To keep it short the Egyptians are very methodical and thier attention to detail is amazing. The tombs and other artifactes were incredible to see. Unfortunatly they dont allow pictures in so we have no pics to show. Definitly worth seeing though. Later on we went and toured through some local markets called Bazarres. We went to the locals side before we went to the tourist side. Quite a difference to see. We went down some pretty small alleys and seen where the local poeple buy all their food and house hold items. It was definitly not a rich part of town. Then we toured through the tourist side and there was all kinds of things to buy. We then headed back closer to our hostel and found some newer more modern shops to look through and found that even there things were quite cheap. I bought a nice shirt and sweater for 160 Egyptian Pounds which is like 32 Cdn Dollars. Crazy cheap. The other day Pam and I ate dinner and had a dessert for $5 total. There happens to be alittle bakery just outside our hostel so we have been making frequent trips down for all the fresh baking. Very Tasty!!!.
We have one more day in Cairo and then out tour begins. Some of the tour group is staying at our hostel so we have got to meet some of them. It should be a good trip. Sounds like there should be about 9 people going which is good because when we first signed up we thought there was only going to be 5. Also sounds like there is a couple girls going so I think Pam is happy about that. We have heard the first day is all driving to get to Mt Sinai and then after that we head to Dahab and spend a couple days there. I am hoping to do some scuba diving in Dahab. I have heard it is very good there. When we get farther along I will send some more reports.