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Egypt’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 27 Jan 2008

Location: Petra, Jordan

MapWell it hasnt been that long since I wrote here but we are just killing time before we head to Petra. We left Dahab at 11:00 am heading for the ferry to take us across the Gulf of Aquaba towards Jordan. Pat the tour leader warned us that it could take some time to get through customs and to get the truck through customs. He didnt lie. We arrived at the customs at about 12:00 and sat there for about 2 hours. Then we drove around the compound for awhile getting told to go to different places to get the truck through customs. We finally made it to the ferry at about 3:00. We were told the ferry was to leave at 3 but I guess that doesnt mean much as we didnt leave until 4:30. The ferry was quite full and alittle chilly at times. The ferry ride took us about 4 hours and then another couple to clear immigration and customs in Jordan. We didnt get to our hotel until midnight. We have learned that time in Egypt really means nothing. You learn to be patient and I have read a couple books already.
We are now in Jordan and things seem to run alittle more smoothly. We stayed in Aquaba for the night and then headed out the following morning to Wadi Rum. Wadi means a big valley. We got there about noon and went out for a jeep tour through the desert. There was some amazing scenery as the ground was all flat and then out of no where there would be these huge cliffs, almost mountains in the middle. They we all weathered from the sand blowing by and creating very picturesque scenery. We climbed a small sand dune and checked out some rock bridges. Thats where the wind has blown a hole through the middle of the rock. Very Cool!! We then returned to our camp for the night. We were staying at a Bedoiun camp. It has how the locals have been and some still are living in that area. They are tents made out of camel hair woven into blankets. It rained when we were there and somehow the blankets kept the rain out. It was quite a fun evening. We think we were part of a commercial for the sure because there was a camera crew there making videos of us when we arrived. They taped us getting out sleeping bags ready and sitting around the fire and having supper. I liked to see the finished product someday. We got up today and drove a few hours to a small town outside Petra for the day. We ran into some really thick fog so hopefully it clears before we head to Petra tomorrow. It is hard to believe how hilly it is in the desert. Also hard to believe how fast the trip is going by.