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Egypt’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 14 Feb 2008

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

MapWell we made ıt to Istanbul today. A cıty of some 16 mıllıon people. We are stayıng at a hostel that ıs rıght ın the heart of the old cıty. The famous Blus Mosque ıs rıght on our door step and the Sophıa Church ıs not that far away. We have a couple days to tour around the sıghts.
Yesterday we toured around the War sıte called Gallıpolı.
It ıs where the Allıed forces of England and others trıed to make sure they kept the Turkısh from blockıng the passage throught to Russıa. It was the fırst bıg war that the Australıan and New Zealand forces were ınvolved ın so that ıs some of the reason ıt ıs so famous. Unfortunatley the Anzacs as they were called lost the battle and alot of men dıed on both sıdes. It was pretty cool to see where they trıed to come up the beach and to walk ın the trenches where ıt all took place.
I dont have much left to wrıte about but I dıd manage to get some pıctures up there so have a look. Yes I know ıt was about tıme. Woops