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Egypt’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 19 Feb 2008

Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands

MapWell this will be my last entry on this journy. Hard to believe we are at the end already. Feels like just yesterday we landed in Hurghada and I was taking my scuba diving. Oh well time flies when you are having fun. We have spent the last two days wondering around Amsterdam taking in the atmosphere. Quite a city. The red light district is quite interesting to wonder through.
Amsterdam is a very beautiful city. It has all the canals wondering through it and the building are built up right to the edge of the canals in places. Has a real nice feel to it. We have checked out a couple churches and other historical buildings like Anne Franks house. We also took in the sex museum. It has been reasonable weather here considering we heard from some of are friends that stayed in Istanbul after we left that they ended up getting 20 cm of snow so we have been pretty lucky.
Well I hope you enjoyed reading about our little journey through the middle east. It has been an absolute blast taking in some amazing sights amd making some great new friends along the way.
Until our next journey............