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Lutin181’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 08 Mar 2008

Location: Rishikesh, India

MapAnd so it goes on. Spiralling inwards, inwards and then back out and then in, as the Universe speaks.

In Rishikesh I have learnt to stay my impatience, to stop the foolish chasing of the rainbow. To refrain from asking 'what next?', 'what next?'.

I have met with some wise old souls in the foothills of this ancient mountan range. I have learnt transcental meditation from an old Vidya down the hill. I have visited a Vedic Astrologer, who's skills have been past down from father to son in a direct line for hundreds, thousands of years, who can see into the past and beyond into the future. He told me many things.

Raucus, rowdy souls we have also met, and so the days have been rolling away in a mirth-filled blur. Here I have enjoyed a gentle rhythm of early rising, meditation, reading, writing, yoga, good food, walking...I have slept beneath stars at the side of Ma Ganga and delivered a Puja boat into her hallowed waters, watching silently as it was carried away, its flame extinguished in the wind.

I have climbed over the wall of the Maharishi's deserted ashram, exploring this silent place now reclaimed by the plants and monkeys and imagined what it must have been like when in '68 it teemed with seekers from across the World.
I have found peace, dear reader, joy and yes, happiness.
And I have written a play.
Thank you India.