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alex natusch’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 17 Jan 2008

Location: New Zealand

MapHello! Arrived in Queenstown, not to knackered Warm and sunny. We managed to get to grips with the time difference and sleep being refeshed the next day. We have done the jet boat ride and rafting which was fun. The rafting was more scary in the video than actualy doing it but it was still good. We have also been up the gondala and rode the go carts. We picked up the campervan and moved down to Dunedin.

Here Lucy and Abi went horse riding on the beach which was lovely and hot. We have taken some great photos and have placed some on the site for you to look at. We also did the train ride to Pukerangi called theTaieri Gorge which took 4 Hours and the scenery was fantanstic.

We did Sam's off road tour. He's a farmer who has 2000 sheep on 700 Acers of land. He also has a private beach where there are penguins and seals roaming around. We camped by the beach last night and had tea. Today it's raining so we are going to Cabr