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Nomad’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 31 Jan 2008

Location: Ma On Shan, New Territories, Hong Kong

MapWell, we have landed in Kong Kong after spending the past month in New Zealand catching up with friends & family. We both thoroughly enjoyed spending so much time with everyone before dissapearing once again. Christmas eve party, Camping in Homunga Bay (Rare Beauty - will miss this place), Kaikohe (a hole... but nice & close to Bay of Islands), The commune that is the 'shed', The Phipps home, Wakeboarding (Cheers Will!!!) it really was a blast.... Thank you everyone!!!

You'all better get to seeing us somewhere round the globe cause a). We're guna miss you, & b). We'd love to share some of these experiences with you.

Well I guess we will update this again once there is more to report on from our time here in HK.
By the way everyone back home, it is only 8 degrees over here at present... We knew we were heading into winter, I guess its just fortunate we get to acclimatise here before the 3-6 degrees in Austria and that area of the world.

(We're heading out now but will be putting some photos up from NZ when we get back).

Bye for now.