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Nomad’s Travel Diary

Friday, 10 Apr 2009

Location: Plaja De Aro, Spain

MapEater weekend with four days off work and we managed to find a deal we couldn't refuse. For about 190 pounds we found a package deal including all flights, transfers,accom, three meals a day,and a free bar. Set right on the spanish coastline overlooking the beach, we decided we had to do it.
Darryn,Amy (Texas), Amy (Morris), Steph, Matt, Craig and I set off on Friday for Spain. The flights went smoothly and before we knew it we were at the resort. After a few hours relaxing and exploring the area (and the bar) we decided to go for our first swim in the Spanish Sea. The next day we spent enjoying the sun by the poolside and meeting some of the other guests. There were some very public waterfights which resulted in all of us and two other polish guests ending up swimming fully clothed (and not by choice). We moved onto the beach for the afternoon and enjoyed the evening sun before heading to the resort restaurant for our very nice (and very free) dinners. The buffet selection was impressive and the wine was flowing. After some impromptue salsa dancing (not very skilled) and some chicken dances that left the children around us in hysterics, we met with the bartender to head into town to a few nightclubs. We had a long night and an early morning and slept till lunchtime the next day. We were met at our door by some Spanish children who spoke no english. they over the next few days were attached to us whenever we went outside. The weather wasnt as fantastic the next afternoon so we went for a walk around the coastline through tunnels in the sides of the cliffs. There were some amazing views and after some fresh air we were all feeling better. Onto the next night which was a lot more low key and more about enjoying a LONG meal with new friends. The next day we had an 11am checkout time where we moved down onto the beach to hang out and relax as we were scheduled to be picked up at 8pm that night. Luckily the day was gorgeous and we slept, read, ate and talked on blankets listening to the waves crash. We snuck back to the restaurant for lunch and were suprised to see no one was there. Later that afternoon we were told that as there were very few guests staying on, that they were shutting the resort and sending everyone to another place. We said farewll to the staff and some other guests that had been hanging out with us and went back to the beach. We strolled through the nearby town and went back to the reception to meet our shuttle. Strangly enough there was absolutly no one in the place so we wandered around feeling like we were the last survivors of some nuclear war. Very Creepy. After heading to the airport (with some disgruntled guests who had turned up to find the place closed) we had some dinner and boarded our very late flight to head back to London.
Not a very touristy Spanish trip but alot of fun and very relaxing. And for the first time in 18 months.... We got a (very little) bit of colour....