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rglongpre’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 20 Jan 2008

Location: Jaisalmer, China

MapBefore heading out, we got a few photos of the Peacocks and a few other birds as well as some shots of our hotel. The ride out was interesting as always. We passed a few herds of camels as well as sheep and goats. It is easy to see how life is very slow in the desert countryside. With so much to see, we stopped a number of times for photos. Photos were taken of family groupings and their huts which were made of stone slabs or of a dung and mud mixture. At one stop I got some photos of camels and a herder. Of course there were a number of shots of the desert itself, not a sand dune desert but more of a scrub brush and sand desert.

Eventually, we arrived at Jaisalmer, a city that has most of its buildings made of yellow sandstone, therefore earning for itself the name of Golden City. We first checked into our hotel, a place called Himmatgarh Palace which was outside of town up a plateau with the city about two kilometres away. After dumping off our backpacks we walked into town and wandered around sections of the old city below the fortress that was on a raised plateau. The old city isnít so chaotic as was Udaipur. Still, cows wandered at will and there was a frantic mixture of carts, bikes and motorcycles competing for a path down the narrow lanes that twisted below the hill fortress. We finally found tee shirts for Cameron, Griffin and Talan in one of the shops we checked out.

We walked back toward our hotel before sunset and noticed people across the road so we went to check it out and found out there was a cemetery of sorts, a cenotaph, there so we paid a small entry fee and camera fee in order to check it out. It was well worth the small cost or $1.50 (both entry fees and camera fee). With the golden light of approaching sunset on the sandstone structures, everything glowed as though golden. We found out why Jaisalmer is called the golden city - beautiful!!!! I got photos showing the gold of the town, the fortress on the island hilltop and other structures. Finally, I got photos of the sunset. Beautiful! We then had a light supper, made arrangements for the next dayís activities and called it a day.