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rglongpre’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 24 Jan 2008

Location: Jodhpur, India

MapOur second day in Jodhpur: We got up early and had a plain and simple breakfast in the cold morning air of the open courtyard. Our guide, Mr. Singh, came at 9:30 to take us to Jaswant Thada, a memorial for some of the more recent Maharajahs that were the ruling family of Jodhpur. The memorial structure of white marble was up on a hill away from the city. We could see some of the old stone wall that used to surround the city and its protected lands. Our guide referred to it as India’s great wall. From the memorial grounds we got a great view of the Meherangarh, or Majestic Fort which is on a 125 metre high hill above the city.

Our next stop was a tour of the fort. Our guide did a decent enough job taking us through the fortress though he often was distracted by his mobile phone and with chatting with locals that he knew in the tourism guide industry. It was obvious that he was well known and well liked by the locals who worked in both the fort and the memorial site.

Once we left the fortress we drove passed the Chittar Palace, the current resident of the Maharajah and his family. Guards in front of the palace didn't want anyone stopping in front of the palace so I had to take our one photo on the fly as we drove by slowly. Luckily, the photo turned out well. Relatively near the palace was a new housing development for very, very rich people. Apparently, it would cost about 20 million rupees to buy one of the stand alone homes or one in a row of eight huge condos. Then, it was off to our hotel where we would be on our own for the rest of the day.

After downloading photos, we decided to head back into the city walking toward the Clock Tower Market area. The walk provided us with a lot to see and to photograph. We stopped to try out some more of the local foods, which are very spicy and quite delicious. One of these was basically dough and filling around a very hot pepper that looked like a halepeno. Of course, we took care to check out the place we were buying this food from as so many places we passed showed little signs of cleanliness. On our way back to the hotel we stopped at a police college where students were on the parade grounds. Students attended this college for four years in order to become policemen and women. Finally, we returned to the hotel, tired and satisfied with our own walking tour of Jodhpur. Tomorrow, we leave early for Jaipur.