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claire’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 25 Mar 2008

Location: Devizes, UK

MapLeaving Day (night!!)

Well after weeks of constant talking of travelling its finally here!! Quite nervous to tell the the truth and the bloody bag is soo heavy its unbelievable. Who on earth designed tiny bags for us ladies who have to pack the kitchen sink?!? Ridiculous. 23kg is the max weight we can take, whats that? Three pairs of shoes, I mean come ON! Anyway 2 hours later Dad had taken out most of my clothes and I was left with the bare minimal. ONLY one pair of jeans, but apparently my back will thank me in years to come.

Anyway, got the long haul flight to New York and am getting very excited about the gormet plane food more than ever. I mean, half cooked eggs and burnt bacon is going to be the highlight lol.

Anyways not really much to write and this is the boring bit but hopefully I will have many more adventures to tell you all about!!