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claire’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 26 Mar 2008

Location: new york, USA

Mapyou are all going to be surprised...........we got out the hostel at 7.30am. As we are only here for 4 days we thought we better not waste any time!

Decided to do all the sights today. First started off with ground zero. You really under estimate the size of what the buildings were until you are at the site. Its crazy. And the fact those buildings fell down and the other buildings that were so close are still standing!
Just a short (ish) walk from there was the staten island ferry which we took advantage of as it was free, and you also get a better view of the statue of liberty. Glad we took that decisin as at 9.00am the queue for the statue island was around 2 hours long. Thanks Jack for that idea.

Times square is such a hectic place, horns going every 5 secs and the police blowing thier whistles at you. Brilliant. What was not so brilliant was Ben dragged me into every footlocker, champs, modells (sports shops) that we could see, twice. I now know the stock better than the people who work there. And then after 2 hours of that he gave me a surprise.............the NBA store. Oh joy. Ladies, if you ever get the opportunity to come here with your men, put stipulations on the bball shopping. Take my advise!

After all our sight seeing and my feet were ready to drop off we headed to the knicks game. Of course we had to buy a faom finger and I decided to purchase a knicks tee. had to look the part of course. Had soo much fun and had to eat a massive hot dog to look the part. The knicks won which added to the experiance.

After a knackering day we headed back to bed, losers I know but will make up for it in Vegas baby!!!