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claire’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 27 Mar 2008

Location: new york, USA

MapToday is my shopping day so I decided on revenge for the sports shopping. The perfect way was Macy's at the BeneFit and Mac counters followed by perfume shopping and clothes. Brilliant, although he didnt seem to care, anger.

We arranged to meet our folks on the web cam in Times Square at 8.00pm our time, which is midnight your time. Was very surprised to recieve a txt from Mum saying she liked my jacket. Normally she is safely asleep by then lol. Felt very stupid waving at the sky and the passer byers certainly gave us some strange looks.

Found an Irish Bar around the corner which served nice cold beer and surprisingly was showing ALL the highlights from the college basketball. So we sat there and got steadily drunk and took some pretty amazing pics. Not quite sure what happened, but suddenly got drunk, and we had to navigate our way through the NY subway system.

Made it back safely Mum dont worry.........