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claire’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 30 Mar 2008

Location: las vegas, USA

MapViva Las Vegas!!
After a shattering trip yesterday (flight took 7 hrs from JFK) we had dinner and a pretty early night.
Our hotel room is soo nice compared to the room we left in New York. We even have satellite TV so Ben can watch bball 24/7.
Ben had an important bball game to bet on, Davidson vs Kentucky. He was so sure they would win that he conviced me to bet too, what the heck- we are in Vegas after all.

Now, we placed these bets at 11.00am, and by 11.30am we were drinking cocktails. Thats really getting into the Vegas sprit.

The characters you get around here are hilarious. You can tell they have been swept up by the bright lights and money! Some people have just gone plain crazy.
Whilst we were drinking our cocktails, we decided to watch the high rollers table. One Texas bloke had a stack of red chips, and took me a few secs to realise those were $1000 chips, and he had about 100. BIG money!

We spent all day drinking and was feeling pretty rough but drank thro it. Oh and our basketball team lost by 2 points, but as they didnt lose by 9 we still won our money back plus $20. Not bad.

When you gamble in Vegas you are bought free drinks. We thought we better be cleaver so we changed out $40 each into $1 bills so it appeared we had been betting for longer and it worked!! All night we spent $20 dollars extra each on most of that was tipping!

Headed to bed about 4.30 am shattered.