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claire’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 01 Apr 2008

Location: las vegas/LA, USA

MapWas gutted to be leaving Vegas as enjoyed it sooo much but I knew if i stayed any longer I would be broke!!

The greyhound across country was a life expereince. The people at the back of the bus can only be descibed as chavs. Drinking, arguing, and smoking around thier kids, no different from the kind you find in the UK. The only problem was we had to put up with them for over 5 hours, so I decided to sleep through the noise!!

LA is very different from Vegas, quite spread out. But we were very happy with our hostel, we even had out own bathroom-luxary!! We are only 2 blocks away from Sunset Bl'd, where all the stars names are in the pavement.

Tomorrow we will do some proper exploring!!