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claire’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 02 Apr 2008

Location: LA- hollywood, USA

MapWent out with this crazy tour guide. His name was Micky-Z and was a unsuccessful actor, who only made it onto movie sets when they needed caterers. He is hilarious but could not spend longer than a day with him. Saying that though, he knew his stuff, and knew exactly where to take us tourists.

We started off looking at the stars in the pavement, and we did not stop getting hasstled by the peeps wanting us to sell their CDs. So we gave in to the pressure and bought two!!

He showed us a variety of stars houses (we can only trust his say so!) and venice beach. Unfourtunatly, their were no body builders there so Ben could not compare his guns to theirs LOL.

We also went down where Pretty Woman was shot, and the amount of evil looks we got as we were not dressed in Gucci. Shame on us!!

Surprisingly, Ben discovered the LA Lakers were playing, so me being the good girlfriend agreed to go along. Ben paid though, and at $105 per ticket I am glad he agreed to do so!!