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claire’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 05 Apr 2008

Location: Fiji

MapAfter a stressfull 11 hour flight we have finally made it to sunshine!! 33 degrees at 6.30am!! Brilliant.

Our accommodation is amazing. Our pool is right by the beach and there are palm trees all around and the tea is a turquise colour. So pretty. The beach is 5 steps away from our pool.

Had a pretty chilled day as tomorrow we are starting our island hopping around the Yasawas. Hopefully will get the real taste of fiji. There are 7 islands in this group and we are able to hop between then as many times as we like. Hopefully will do as many as possible.

We made the most of the sunshine though, and with a lot of suntan lotion on we managed to slightly change colour!! Hopefully will have a tan after 14 days.

Stayed in and had an early night would you believe, only as our bus leaves our hotel at 7.15am. Bit early for me but dont have much choice!