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claire’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 06 Apr 2008

Location: Coral View Island, Fiji

MapWell I knew it was going o be remote, but seriously??? Accommodation was very basic but I expectd that as its a traditional tribe you stay with that adapt their own island for tourism. However, the bathrooms were disgusting. But hey ho, we just got on with it as we were only staying here one night.

Just as we put our towels down it started to rain. So about ten of us decided the only decent thing to do would be to start drinking. So we did, and we did not care it was 2.00pm.

After a very long evening, and only about 20 quid spent we went to bed praying the next island would be a bit better and the english weather would not be with us!!

Lights off promtly at 11.00pm. So going to the toilet was a challange at 2.30pm. LOL!