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claire’s Travel Diary

Monday, 07 Apr 2008

Location: Sunrise beach, Fiji

MapThis island was so much better!! We all breathed a sigh of relief when we saw this one. The island did not have too much coral off it either so it was a bit easier to swim in the sea. And the sun was out- bonus

This island was run by a gay, cross dressing fijian by the name of Queenie who I think took a shine to Ben. Winding Ben up all day about this kept me amused.

This place was also the set for Blue lagoon, which interested me for about s second as I have never seen the film!

This island had no bar!!!!!! It had 3 fiji golds (beer) whoch Ben drank in about half an hour so we struggled to find reason to stay here another night.

Did go to bed feeling a little sunburnt, and also a bit bitten from the ols Mozzies but in the middle of no-where there is not much you can do!!