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claire’s Travel Diary

Friday, 11 Apr 2008

Location: Korovou eco island, Fiji

MapThis place is brilliant!! It totally what Ben and I imagined Fiji to be like. We liked it so much we stayed here from the 8th till today.

Its a smallish community with about a 30 people dorm, which is small for these parts!! The "resort" had a freshwater swimming pool and the showers were really clean. The beach was cleaned daily and you could snorkel on the reefs which was amazing.

We did spend a lot of time chilling by the pool which is what we booked this part of travelling for. When we finally did drag our backsides away we did snorkelling and kayaking which was an experiance.

At the moment its Fijis wet season which means its hot all day apart from 2 ours in the afternoon it pours with rain. We thought kayaking out to sea would be a brilliant idea at this time. Apparently not. Trying to paddle back in against the current and wind proved quite difficult, and i do have to say, I was a little worried we may not make it back. However we did live to tell the tail.

Snorkelling here is amazing. The fish come right up to you and have a look through your mask. They come in every colour you can imagine and I would definatley recommend it!

We left Korovou as we felt we should see more of the islands, and also we were meeting Nick and Becky in a few days nearer the mainland. We did hope that we would be going back as the place is brilliant.