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claire’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 13 Apr 2008

Location: Ratu Kini, Fiji

MapAfter many emails and phone calls over the last few days we fianlly met up with Nick and Becky. The island we met up on was very interesting to say the least!!
We had to walk through the village to get to our accommodation, which I have to say was much nicer than Nicks haha!!
The food was good, but I think the boys would of appreciated larger portions!!

Nick and Becky found this gorgeous little beach on the other side of the island which we went and had a swim. The main beach on the other side was like Bournemouth beach during the summer hols!

We did the pub quiz and we came last to a punch of loud mouth losers. We did make a few enemys when we caught some peeps cheating and announced it loudly!! LOL. Cant understand why they kept Beck and Nick up all night with heir singing?!?

Funnily enough we decided to leave this island tomorrow and go back to Korovou, the one Ben and I left only 2 days ago!!