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claire’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 16 Apr 2008

Location: Korovou eco island, Fiji

MapBack we were!!

Not much to report apart from a lot of drinking and sunbathing.
We did decide to go to a Kava party at 11.30 an night. These are traditional parties were you drink the root of a plant (not sure which one). It gets washed through water and you drink. You can choose high tide of low tide meaning how full you want the glass. It tastes of crap. But it does make you feel all light headed and very very drunk.
We decided it may be a little out of our depth so we wanted to leave. However it started to rain so we could not make our escape!!! After another hour and a half of drinking this dishwater we managed to get away and off to bed feeling pretty rough. I do blame Nick as he did ask if we could join them LOL.

Left the Yasawas on the 16th and headed back to the mainland. It took 4 hours for the boat to get to the port and at that point I was soooo tired so again, we all had an eary night. Poor show eh?