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claire’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 17 Apr 2008

Location: nadi, Fiji

MapHad a mooch around Nadi centre. Well if you can call it a centre. Its made up of tat shops all trying to sell you the same old rubbish. The kind of stuff you get in every resort.
For some reason, the guys were in a buying frenzey, which caused Becky and I to get into panic buy mode. We felt uncomfortable with the face that the guys were buying more than us, as its not right!!

In out ultimate wisdom, we decided to stop off at out local off licence and buy some 58% rum for that evening. Now, some would think this was a bad idea as Ben and I had to get up at 5.30am to fly, and we do not have the best track record when getting up after drinking. But nonetheless, we carried on.

After a few hours of drinking Kings, we all were a little worst for ware to say the least. That rum is evil. And I could tell straight away is was going to give me a massive headache in the morning!!

We did manage to get up in time, but in our drunkness the night before we had lost our room key. Not sure how we had done it as we had got in the room after dinner and spent the whole evening drinking on our balcony!! One of those unsolved mysteries.