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claire’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 22 Apr 2008

Location: Paihia, New Zealand

MapNew Zealand is a pretty amazing place! As we landed it looked almost like we were landing back in the UK (thankfully not) but a little sunnier.
Auckland is the cleanest place I have ever been too. Not only does it have a bin every 25 meters everyone seems to use them!! A loy differect from home. We spent two days in auckland just to get our boring bits done before we left for the kiwi experience. To be honest Auckland does not really have much to offer apart from the sky tower which does look awesome at night, and of course the casino.
We were both a little worried about the kiwi experience as our friends we had met along the way had said its the "green shag bus" that contains 18 yr old. Not great for a couple of 25 yr olds but we have already paid for it so be it!!

On the Sunday we got on our little green bus, which was fine!! We hooned (NZ phrase!!) it upto the north of the island to a place called Paihia which on a nice day should be beautiful. However when we arrived it was raining. Great. So rather than just wasting our day we walked to woolworths, which is a supermarket here and bought loads of supplies.

The next day we were taking a day trip upto Cape Reinga which is the most north tip of New Zealand. The traditional Maori people believe this is the last place your spirit visits before it leaves NZ. Also at Cape is where the Pacific and Taz ocean meets and they noise the two seas make when they collide is fasinating. After this we made our way to the 90 mile beach to do some sandboarding. Now, the sandunes which we climbed were 150 meters high!! Huge!! And we were given body boards and told to go down them, at our own risk of course. It was scary but sooo amazing.