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claire’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 24 Apr 2008

Location: New Zealand

MapHey guys!!
Sorry for the delay in writing havent really had much time to do anything!! As we are on the Kiwi experience we pretty much leave out hostels at 7.30am and then crawl into bed whatever time we finish drinking!!
After leaving the Bay of Islands we headed back to Auckalnd just for the night before we started heading down south. Went to the minus 5 bar which meant I had an excuse to drress up. Little did I know that you are supplied with massive coats and boots before you go in-all that getting ready time wasted. It was pretty cool but if you have ever worked in a supermarket, its just like being in their freezer. Another 40 dollars well spent lol!!
Headed down to Mercury Bay the next day, and this town is so beautiful. We took a walk down to the beach which took 45 mins but was well worth it. The only annoying thing is we had to walk back up the hill afterwards which was not so enjoyable!!

The next stop it Rotorua. This town is built on a active volaco site. Cleaver New Zealanders!! All the ponds, lakes, and sewers spew out sulpher which gives the town a brilliant smell. And they expected us to go swimming in it? No thanks dont want to smell of egg!! That evening we spent it at a Maori evening. Was absoloutly brilliant. The peeps did all the traditional dances including the Hakka. Also the eye rolling and the tounge pocking our made us giggle. The food we had was delcious. It had been cooked in a underground oven. Probabaly the best dinner since we been travelling!
Had a long day so decided to call it a night as we were leaving tomorrow at 7.30 am grrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!