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claire’s Travel Diary

Friday, 25 Apr 2008

Location: rotorua- waitomo, New Zealand

MapStill not loving getting up at these early times but I am getting a bit more used to it!!
After leaving smelly sulpher city we headed to Waitomo which wsa about 3 hours away from Rotoura. I was very excited about going to Waitimo as I had organised to go caving, waterfall diving so I could see the glow worms in their natuarl state. Little did i know what i was letting myself in for!!LOL
Before we got to Waitimo we stopped off a a Maori museum and learnt how to do thier dances which is quite funny!! The boys learnt how to do the Hakka which is a war dance to the Maori. We were advised not to do these when in the presence of a maori as its basically saying we wanted to fight them!!
You are never going to believe what we saw next- a long haried bunny getting shawn. No seriously, they TIE it up and use shears, the same ones whcih are used for sheep. They do have to do it tho, or the rabbit would die of heat stroke. Still a little strange dont you think??
Right so caving. My god we had to put on wet suits that were still wet from the previous group!! Not a nice experience!! Secondly, the water was bloody freezing. Not sure what i was thinking when I booked it, maybe they may heat the underground water system begore we got there lol.
Anyway after bumping into a few massive eels, YES ELLLS, we plonked our backsides in a rubber ring. The ones you can buy at the beach, and we had to push ourselves backwards off a waterfall. Not a plesent experience when you wear contact lenses. But the Glow Worms were so beautiful. we turned off all our lights on our helmets. It was well worth it but sooo sooo cold!!!