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claire’s Travel Diary

Monday, 28 Apr 2008

Location: taupo, New Zealand

MapWell in Taupo now and waiting around so I can jump out of a plane at 15000ft.
Just a quick apology to Mum and Dad, probabley not a good idea to call you when I had been drinking for 6 hours so apologies if I made no sense!!
Ita 12.00 midday in taupo at the moment and if the weather holds up we will be jumping out of the plane in a couple of hours. The pictures may even be on here soon!!
Ok so Taupo is in the middleish of the north island and it is an inactive volcano. The crater of the volcano is now a huge lake and when its sunny it looks very pretty. Also one of the mountains surrounding us is Mount Doom in Lord of the Rings. We havent mamaged to walk up it as A) it takes 8 hours and B) we have had severe weather warningsa here. But hopefully before we go we will be able to.
As you can tell from the apology at the top we have been using our spare time to sample the alcohol in every bar we come accross. Haha trust me to think its a great idea to call Mum and Dad when I am drunk!!
Watch this space for the skydiving!!