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claire’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 04 May 2008

Location: taupo-river valley-wellington, New Zealand

MapFinally left Taupo and headed down to an area called River Valley. It was stunning. Our hostel was a lodge which was situated in a valley (what a surprise!). It was very remote but very beautiful. What was hilarious was that face 18 of us had to share a giant bunk bed!! I am not joking, thats the only sleeping facilities it had. Did remind me a bit when I was a kid at sleepovers tho.

The next day i was up early as I had booked myself a hack. I havent been riding for almost 6 years but as soon as I got back on it all came flooding back. I told the instructor I had ridden regularly when I was younger so she paired me up with a horse called Bling. Bloody hell, he was hard work but it was nice when he still listened to me. We went off for a canter and gallop through the valley and it has made me want to take up riding again when I get home. However my bum is still sore which is annoying!!

Headed towards Wellington which is the capitla of NZ. The countryside we drove through is amazing and the mountians are stunning, which is a good thing cos the drive took 4 hours!! We didnt really do much when we got to Wellington as we both were very tired. To be honest it was good just to have a few days somewhere to get the boring stuff done like washing. I did squeeze in a shopping trip tho as everything is so cheap!

We went to a rugby match which was awesome!! It was NZ hurricanes V south africas Lions. Only 20 dollars and we were right at the front row. The atmosphere was amazing and what topped off the evening was that hurricanes won by loads!! We went out into town after to meet the players but unfourtunatly were wernt dressed smart enough!!! Annoying being a traveller eh? Early night tonight, our ferry leaves for the south island at 7.15am!!!