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claire’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Location: New Zealand

MapBeing the skint traveller, rather than paying the Kiwi experience dudes 170 dollars to take us to Milford Sound, we decided to hire a mini bus and DIY it. Between 9 of us it only cost us 20 dollars!!! Brilliant.
So we picked up the bus at 8.00am to head off to Milford. It was a 600km round trip so a early start was best. I did put myself on the hire contract so I was able to drive the mini bus if I wanted eekkk!!!

The scenery as we were driving to Milford was outstanding. I just coulne believe the sheer size of the mountians that were around us. And the lakes which intertwined them. You can see from the pictures how amazing it was.
The road trip down to Milford sounds was a giggle when we were awake!! And it only took us 3 hours to get to there which was good.
We went on a cruise around the sound to get a good look at the mountains and the wildlife. The scenery was stunning. The mountians surrounding the sound were as high as the eye could see. The boat travelled all the way to the Taz sea and turned around and headed back. By this point I was tired but determind to drive us home.

Well, driving a minibus is not easy, especially with 7 heavy lads in. But what the heck, im only going to be in NZ once so never mind. Got home at 10.00, as I kept to the speed limit (ish). Headed out of course!!