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claire’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Location: christchurch, New Zealand

MapAfter leaving the lovely town of Queenstown we headed towards a hovel called Christchirch. Seriously, looks like Swindon on a bad day!! Our hostel is nice(ish) and we all managed to get in the same room. However the street we were staying on was full of X rated shops and a palour called BJ's(!) To pass the time the 10 of us went into a X rated shop and were in fits of laughter. To our horror the owner came over and asked us not to disturb his customers who were out back getting a peep show. We legged it!!!

We did manange to get tickets last night to watch the rugby match, Crusaders Vs Highlanders. We thought it would be a good game but it wasnt!! The team we were supporting, Crusaders, were rubbish and got killed by the highlanders. Our friend Sam who we have been travelling down NZ with managed to get on the pitch at the end and steal a paid of shorts. Nice!!

Went out after the rugby to a pub called Holy Grail in an attempt to meet the players. As they lost they were having none of it and did not want to meet their loyal fans!! Felt guilty about the amount of money we were spending and went home, well I did, Ben stayed out with the other lads till god knows what time as the football was on!!