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claire’s Travel Diary

Friday, 23 May 2008

Location: chrsitchurch, New Zealand

MapAfter the rugby game we amanged to waste a few days just chilling and watching DVDs in bed (thanks nick and becky!!). We were being a bit tight and only paid for one bed whilst we were here. Haha being a skint traveller. To be honest they probabaly had the last laugh as two of us squeezing in a bunk- not a good nights sleep!!

We thought it would be a good idea to check out the sights of Christchurch. Chrsitchurch is considerd the gateway to Antartica as its only 1034km between each country. So with this in mind the NZers designed the Antartic museum. Now, going to this ate up our alcohol budget (!) but we decided to go anyway.
What an error.
We managed to scrape through as students and walked though this display of what you should wear when you visit Antartica. Like heck am I voluntarilly visiting a country that cold. Anyway we saw 30 penguins, walked through a freezer then...........into a shop. Took an hour. Rip off. Got back to the hostel, via a alcohol store (what the heck!!) and drank a carton of goon. For all of you at home goon is a large carton of wine. The ones Mum and Dad rip apart when the appear empty only to discover they still have half a glass left inside the bag.

Anyway, the next day with a postively prounding head we went round the botanical gardens. Its free so we were well happy. halfway round we discovered this musuem which you had to donate $5 to get in. No one at the door so 20 cents enters the bowl. Haha feel better now for the well expensive day yesterday.
Thus museum was brilliant. Had an actual verson of Chrsitchurch back from 1800 built inside. Even the lifesize dolls (manaquins?? cant spell it) were realistic to bens horror. And they even spoke to us. Spooky on a hangover day.So after spending 3 hours in this place, we decided to trot back to our hostel.

Now, it was out last night, and as we had some NZ dollars left in our wallets it would be the sensible thinkg to get them exchanges to Oz dollars, OR go out spend them and save on the commission?? Yep we went out, didnt make it back to the hostel till 5.00am. What an error as we had to check out at 10.00am. So here i am once again with a headache trying to wasted time before our flight to Oz. Time for another detox..................