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claire’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Location: melbourne, Australia

MapOhmygod. if any of you ever come travelling in Oz, want to stay in a hostel in Melbourne DONT choose hotel bakpak. Its a dive. Now, in our hungover state our first night we got a double so we could crash and not worry about our stuff getting nicked (just to confirm I am now down 1 ipod, 1 northface jacket and now 1 black scarf).
After a lush meal in China town (three guesses what we had) we headed back to our "double room". For those of you out there who have watched The Beach think the hostel leo stayed in where they guy next door slashes his wrists. For those who havent watched it, its grim.
So we settle down in our flea infested bed knwoing we have to go into a dorm for the following night. Gross.

Ok so we get up, have a shower, and go to check into our dorm room. Just so you get the picture our hostel is like a block of flats thats about 8 floors high. We get out of the life onto the landing anf the windows on the landing are missing. Health and Safety-we are 4 floors up. Walk into our room and I would not even let my cats stay in it. It smells like poo. I gag as i walk out, get the mastercard out and pay the extra of the erm, double.

After that episoade, which we are laughing about, we booked ourself into a better hostel down the road for the next few nights. We did have fun wandering around Melborne, and we even found a games exhibition. This exhibition had all game consoles from the beginning of time up to present. And you can even play then!! Space invaders-what a classic!! Fianally had the guts to walk back to our prison cell and we are now wasting time on the net-result!!
New hostel here we come tomorrow!!!