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claire’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Location: melbourne, Australia

MapFinally we made it back to the nice hostel in St kilda in Melbourne and what a welcome relief. Bit annoyed as we just found out our bus does not leave till sat so a bit of hanging around for us!!

Once we had settled in we decided it would be fun to go to the Neighbours quiz night. What a laugh!! We met Karl Kennedy and Janelle Timmons. It was Karl Kennedys band who sang the whole time whilst we were doing the quiz. We didnt win the quiz but I did win a free trip to Adalaide which unfourtunaly i cant use!!

The following day was written off due to our massive headaches. We did plan to go to the gym, but that did not happen!!!We are looking forward to leaving Melbourne as there is not much really to do apart from shop and I dont have the money for that. Still looking around for my 1st massive spider tho!!
That evening we entered the hostel quiz, and won!! The prize was an 80 dollar bar tab which was good, untill the bar staff advised us we had to drink it that night, and the bar closed in half hour. Why worry?? We ordered 4 bottle of champers and took it up to our room and had a party!! i should mention that the only reason that we won cos i was in mobile contact with my friend Simon who was on google at home!! Genuis!! I owe him a drink when we get back!!