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claire’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 01 Jun 2008

Location: melbourne/jindabyne, Australia

MapAfter a shock wake up at 5.30am we were back on the road travelling to the most southernly point in Oz, Wilsons National Park. It was stunning. We were lucky enough to have a clear day so we could see for miles over the hills. We trekked over the hills to a place called Squeeky Beach, and the sand actaully squeeked under foot. This little hike took around 3 hours, and we didnt mind doing it, but some other girls that were with us moaned the whole way around. Brilliant! Spending the next 3 days with these people!!

Our tour guide, Bones, then took us to an abandoned airstrip where we saw wild kangaroos, wombats and even a red backed spider. He was prodding the spider with his finger trying to get it move. Yuk- made me feel like it was crawling down my back.

We stayed the night at a village called Lakes Entrance, and to be honest we just crashed out. The next morning we were up again at 5.30 so we could head towards the Snowly Mountians. There we travelled into Jindabyne were we were going to stay the next night.

Once we arrived at the Snowey Mountains we completed a 4 hour hike. It was exhausting. We had to climb over a river using stepping stones, and me being me,slipped into the freezing water staight away. Then spent the next 3 hours with a wet sock. Once we arrived at the top, we were met with snow and the glaciel lake. It was a spectacular view, just a tad annoying we haad to hike all the way back!!!

Got back to Jindabyne and had a massive t-bone steak dinner that was cooked on the barbie. Ben horrificlly lost at a pool competition, on his 1st go he potted 4 balls-which all were the white. Nice work!!!