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claire’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 05 Jun 2008

Location: goulburn, Australia

MapOnce again, after a horrific early start we were droppped off in Goulburn, where Ben has some family. We were lucky enough to be out up for a few days and get some home cooked food-yum!! Once we had met everyone, and Ben does have a huge family we settled down and caught up on some zzzz's.
The following day, Julianne, took us to see some sights around the area. She took us to a place which had a big hole and we did some proper bush walking. It was crazy when some kangaroos and wallabies just jumped over the path. I dont think we are ever going to get over it!!

Bens couson lent us his car so I drove to Canberra which is the capital of Australia.I have never driven an automatic but it was fun, especially as in oz there are hardley any cars on the road! We made it to the parliament building to watch the PMs question time. To be honest it was funny as all the MP's are like abunch of arguing school girls. Sitting there in silence without laughing was hard!! What was intereting is that the building is only 20 years old and if you look at a map of Canberra, all the major roads lead up to the building. It is built into the hillside aswel so when you stand on the roof you are actaully on top of a hill.
Later on that evening we met up with bens family to say goodbye as we were leaving the following day for sydeny.
John offered to drive us to Sydeny, via the three sisters which is a mountain range just outside of Sydney. Unlucky for us the weather was not too good so we could not see much. It was good to be shown the sights though. We arrived in Sydeny preety exhausted and checked into our room. Was well strange to be back in a hostel but we will need to get used to it again!!!