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claire’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 21 Jun 2008

Location: brisbane/fraser island, Australia

MapWe were lucky enough to find out Ben had more family in Brisbane and they were kind enough to put us up for a couple of nights. Bens couson Chris and his partner Tanya took us on a tour of Brisbane. Brisbane is very built up but it still has its green bits. We went on a boat called the citycat whcih goes up and down a river all day and you can get off wherever you want. It allows you to see all the massive houses on the south bank!! They looked like they were worth millions.
That evening we were cooked a BBQ and Chris and Tanyas house. They even cooked us kangaroo. It did feel wrong eating skippy but it was sooo delicous. Will defintly be eating it again!!

The follwing day we arrived in Rainbow beach, to prepare to leave for Fraser island. We booked to drive a 4x4 for 3 days and 2 nights, with all our food included. It would of been fantastic but we were put with 7 other canadians who liked to party. Dont get me wrong I like to party but 350 beers and 5 leters of spirits on 3 days between 7 of them??hmmmm.
Well we left the next morning and the first thing they did was crack open a beer. This is at 8.30am people!! By 2.00pm when we arrived on the island nearly 50 beers had drank. Oh dear. The dude who we rented the 4x4 said a max speed of 60kph. We were doing 120!! By the time we arrived at the Lake Mackenzie national park i was in dire need of some valium. Granted the scenery was beautiful and the lake we had arrived at was freshwater, so we could bathe in it. I just could not stop thining we were going to die!!
We arrived at camp and cooked our steak dinner by mobile phone light, thanks to the drink drivers!! Ben and I went to bed early to try and plot our escape- we even discussed the thought of hitch hicking off the island!! Whist we were discussing this the idots and run the battery down on the van. Rather than turning the whole thing off they decided what the heck, we may as well leave the lights on, and burned the whole battery out. So when it came to jump starting the car the next day the battery would not hold the charge!!
Anyway once the machanic had visited to replace the battery we headed to a point called indain head. It was the furthest north we could go up the island and it was a chance to see migrating whales with their young. We didnt see any but we made sure we got to camp nice and early so we could cook dinner properly!! Oh and the Canadains had drank all the booze they bought- in 2 days!!
On our last day Ben and I got up well early and walked to a place called Lake Wabby. What a horrible walk. We had to walk through a jungle, and we were surrounded by massive spiders. It freaked us out sooo much but it was worth it. We went swimming in another freshwater lake and it felt so refreshing after 3 days without a shower.
Once we arrived back at Rainbow Beach we were pleased to find out we were not being charged for the replacement battery and we were not sorry to see the back of those people!!