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claire’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 26 Jun 2008

Location: kroombit/whitsundays, Australia

MapOnce we had left Rainbow Beach our bus pass required that we stop off for one night in Harvey Bay. A strange place to stop as there was nothing there!! We did make it down to the beach for the sunset which was amazing.
The next day we headed north west to Kroombit Cattle station. This is a working cattle station that allows us to stay so they get an extra income. When we arrived we decided it would be fun to shoot some shot guns. Ben shot 5 out of 6 of the clay pigeons and I did not even get one!! Really annoying!! It was amazing to spend some time at the cattle station as it was our first expereice of the outback. It was amazing to see how barren the land it, and even when it does rain, the water will pour straight off the soil as its not used to moisture.
After a 13 hour drive we arrived in Airlie beach. We were sooo excited about this place as we had organised to spend 2 days and 2 nights upon the British Defender, which is a racing boat. The boat was built in Southampton and raced by men in the army. It won amy races and turned to a charter boat in 1999. They added a kitchen and some sleeping areas. This is the only boat in the whitsundays that can sail properly. Most of the other boats sails are just ther for show.
On our 1st day we moored at Caves Coive where Ben went snorkelling. It looked far too cold for me so I just chilled with a beer!! Once the boys (no girls) got out of the sea we sailed to Nara Inlet where we anchored for the night. On our 2nd day we sailed to Cateran Bay where all of us went snorkelling. Where it had rained the previos night the visibility was quite poor, but we did see smoe huge fish and some amazing coral. After lunch we sailed to Tonge Bay which is home to whitehaven beach. This beach has been voted the worlds no1 beach and you can see why. The beach is 99% silica which is basically pure glass. The only company every allowed to remove anything for whitehaven beach was Nassa, and they removed one ton of sand to make the telescope on the hubble space telescope. As the water is very shallow on whitehaven we saw loads of stingrays!! We were able to get in the water but we kept out of there way.
Early the following morning we set sail for Airlie beach. Went straight to be as we were sooo tired. Had a brilliant few days tho!!