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claire’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 02 Jul 2008

Location: cairns, Australia

MapBack on the road, so didnt have too much time to recover after the sailing trip. No worries though, we were heading upto Cairns and the weather was 31 degrees so pretty warm.
We stopped off at a crocodile farm. The farm actaully breeds crocs for their mest and their skin. Only if the corcs have been born in captivity can they be used for this. If the crocs are caught in the wild they are protected. The guy who was showing us around was such a loser, and hated us brits. Every time we went to w new pen he was like "lets feed the brits to the crocs" haha funny the 1st time, but not the millionth. Anyway after seeing loads of crocs it was time to feed the kangaroos!! How exciting, like we have never seen them before. Actually it was cool as one of the 'roos had a little joey in hr pouch. It was disgusting as it had no fur!!

We arrived in Carins quite nervous, as we both had booked a scuba dive to do. Now dont get me wrong i was excited when i booked it but the thought of being underwater for ages....freaks me out. However, the following day when we did it i loved it. To be honest when you first go underwater it is quite strange and it felt like you could not breathe properly, but after a while i got into it. The fish and coral we saw was sooo amazing. Our visibility was not great, but what we saw was brilliant. What was surprising is that the fish just swim right upto you, just dont seem bothered at all.
Once we had finished we set sail on our catermaran back to Cairns, and Yes we had caught the sun at last!! The heat hit 32 degrees and there was a slight breeze which meant you did not know if you were burning, but we kept on slapping on the suncream!! The whole trip was brilliant as we were allowed to snorkel for as long as we wanted, and it luchtime it was an all you can eat fish buffet!!Yum

Spent the next few days lounging around the lagoon the aussies have built by the shore. This is because saltwater crocs like to hang there so not really a great place to swim!! The lagoon is a massive non heated swimming pool which is great. we managed to waste a few days just swimming and sunbathing.
Leave Australia tomorrow and we are so excited about Thailand!! To be honest wont be coming back to Oz in a hurry tho. Just wasnt what I imagined.